Optional equipment

Valium feeders (B-200 and B-315)


The appointment of valium feeders is to be hermetic outlet valves for unload elements, with temperature up 200 degrees from hoppers, filters and other devices. They can operate both with overpressure and under pressure.

Valium feeder is built from housing, valium rotor, housing cover and gear motor. Performance is depending from frequency of gear motor and amount of cells.

Example of order – Valium valve B – 200/3,2.

B – Type of valium valve

200 – Quantity inlet/size 200×200 mm

It is necessary to mention type of valve and material’s temperature.

Screw conveyor

Screw conveyors designed for transportation of dry, bulk materials. It is operating with transportation in horizontal direction, and for removing collected materials from the hopper.

Screw conveyors have a limit temperature up to 200 degrees of transported materials. They are operating in such industries like cement, foundry, metal and food, energy etc.

General parts of screw conveyor.

Screw conveyor is built from housing, screw element, gears, motor, and gearbox bearings. This construction leads to reliable operation and easy servicing. We produces screws with diameter like f 200, f 250, f 315 and etc. It depends from customer’s request.

Two stages outlet valve.

Two stages outlet valves are used to be like outlet valves for unloading materials from the hopper. They can operate both with overpressure and under pressure.