Apart from direct supplies of aspiration equipment Konstrack LLC provides engineering services for development, selection and placement of aspiration plants subject to the customer’s design assignments. As a leading contracting engineering organization in gas treatment of metallurgy, mining, by-product coke, cement and other enterprises, we cooperate with a number of design institutes in engineering works.

engineering-konstrackIn order to select an optimal type of aspiration plant and choose proper type of filtration materials for industrial requirements of certain enterprise, we perform works in pilot plant production, supply, mounting and testing with provision of test report and recommendations for modernization of aspiration system with due consideration of test results produced.

We are interested in cooperation in the sphere of engineering services either with design organizations or with end customers, who require qualitative and professional elaboration of options for installation of effective gas treatment system in their enterprise.

Should you be interested in any such works, feel free to contact us – it will be a pleasure to us to provide you additional information on the possibilities we offer as well as subject and specifics of engineering works we performed within the period of 2012-2015.