Energy audit of compressed air systems

konstrack's auditConsumed energy cost reduction is an essential task of Chief Electrician’s Office and Chief Engineer’s Office of a modern industrial enterprise. This influences the market competitiveness of the enterprise and wellbeing of its staff. Compressor equipment is one of the main energy products at production site. Compressed air lines may be rather vast and compressed air leaks often occur. This makes compressor equipment a kind of burden for the enterprise. And the way to lighten it is not usually an obvious one.

Our company may help you find out the actual scope of air consumed in production, where and when the leaks occur and how to make effective use of operating equipment or how to properly choose new compressors. We may also help you analyze the compressed air consumption, electric energy consumption, leak spots or irrational use of compressed air as well as recommend on the ways to reduce costs for compressed air production.

Specific numbers are required for effective management, financing and control today. And we can provide them to you!