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Konstrack company has carried out the maintenance of compressor equipment since 2004.

Over the operation period contacts with numerous enterprises, which produce spare parts and consumables for leading compressor brands (Atlas Copco, Airpol, Remeza, Gardner Denver, Dalgakiran etc.), were established.

Considering the long-term partnership with OEM suppliers OEM and the fact of being the direct importer, the company may offer the most favourable prices for spare parts and consumables, such as:

  • air filters;
  • oil filters;
  • oil separators;
  • compressor oil;
  • valve repair kits (for charging valves, minimum pressure valves, solenoid valves);
  • sets of oil seals for screw pairs (GHH-Rand, Rotorcomp, Tаmrotor);
  • repair sets for sir ends (including gears);
  • drying crystals to be filled in adsorption dehumidifiers;
  • main filters and cartridges;
  • condensate traps etc.

Our experts will either deliver the spare part of your interest or perform complex analysis of relevant failure causes and advise you the ways to exclude repeated emergency. Our highly-qualified service engineers underwent direct in-service trainings in the partner enterprises and are able to ensure compressor maintenance of the highest quality.

There are depots in Kyiv and Dnipropetrovsk, which offer ever-expanding stock of the most frequently spare parts and consumables.

Please call us on: (0562) 31-12-94 and (044) 223-60-88

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